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Joanna’s Cesarean Breech Birth & VBAC

Alice- 1st Birth. I never knew about Angela’s classes with my 1st pregnancy, I met Angela via her baby massage classes that I attended with Alice and found out that she also taught pregnancy classes too.   My waters broke at 4am, no contractions yet. Was told to stay...

Katie’s VBAC Birth

Kate’s VBAC Birth Story – June 2020 I first met Angela at our baby massage classes. I instantly connected with her warmth and friendliness and felt at ease in her presence. When I found out she was a birth doula I knew I had to have her with me for my next pregnancy...

My Miscarriage Story

It’s taken me 6 years to write my story.   It’s not that I didn’t want to share it with anybody, it’s been more about me finding the right words and right time to put it on paper. I’m 48 years old and mum to 2 boys (1 biological child and the other...

"I have recently completed the 3 step rewind programme with Angela following a difficult birth. I was completely comfortable to discuss what had happened and to work through the process with Angela, who is calming, reassuring and non-judgmental. I found the guided relaxation and visualisation helped hugely to process the experience and to move forward from it. I would recommend to anyone who has been through a traumatic birth experience"


"I had a closing of bones ceremony with Angela and invited my closest friends and family. It was so special, Angela held the space for us and whilst I was having the treatment my friends wrote and drew beautiful messages on pebbles for my baby ❤The treatment itself was lovely, being wrapped up feeling safe and nurtured with all loved ones around me. At the end we had a meditation guided by Angela which was so relaxing for us all, including my little man ? he was then wrapped up in the scarves with me. It was an emotional, beautiful experience and I highly recommend Angela. Thank you for such a special time for us all ?"


"I had a lovely pregnancy class for 6 weeks, very calming and relaxing, while at the same time empowering and informative! Met some lovely women and Angela, who’s passion and expertise were a joy to listen to every week. Thanks ?"


"Angela’s classes were extremely helpful and I would highly recommend them. Not only did I find them educational and non-judgmental, but also relaxing and useful. We were able to practise a variety of breathing techniques useful for birthing baby and learn different yoga poses to help with pregnancy! Plus I learnt so much about positive birthing and received so many tips, I feel like I would have missed out, had I not attended. To top it off, I met a great bunch of ladies who are becoming friends!"


"The only class I’ve gone back to over and over again. I’ve tried so many classes but they’ve never been for us. The daisy baby classes try different things suited for all babies. It’s one of my favourite things ever to watch Lily during the listening part smiling away and with the parachute ?. All the other mums are great as well! It’s so welcoming and you never feel uncomfortable if your baby is crying or needs a feed. Sad that it’ll be our last term!"


"I’ve attended the pregnancy and baby classes with both my son and daughter. I have absolutely loved them and can’t recommend Angela enough. She is always there to offer support and advice in a non judgemental way. They are definitely the ‘must go’ pregnancy/baby classes. Thank you Angela"


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